House Tour, Part 1 – Living and Dining Room

Although I’ve been frequently writing about the new house and it’s awesomeness, I have yet to offer any pictures. So, internet, welcome to our home, let me show you around.

Today I took a few pictures of our living and dining room, since they are clean right now after last night’s post party clean up.

I love this living room for many reasons, including the big bay window, where I am determined to grow big healthy plants. I also love the gas fireplace. Our last house had a wood burning fireplace. We never used it. This one is so convienent though. With just a flip of the switch and there is instant fire with no mess to clean up. It also makes the room toasty warm in a matter of minutes.


My only complaint about this room is that I am not keen on our cappuccino coloured couch and chair in this house. It was perfect in our last place but just feels too big and modern here next to our vintage pieces. Unfortunatly, new living room furniture is very low on our fiscal priorities right now, so I’ll just need to deal with it. I think some pillows and a throw will also help it blend in, when I get around to it.


I am already making a list of friends I want to cook for now that we have a real dining room. I know it sounds silly, but I long to be the kind people who have dinner parties. I want to have the kind of candlelit gatherings you see among the pages of Pottery Barn catalogues. Now we at least have the space to realize my dream.


The chandelier was left behind by the previous owners and at first I thought it would do until we found something more suitable, but after living with it for a month, I actually really like it. It really suits the room. Our sideboard and dining room suite is a bit of a mismatch but the cabinet needs some refinishing anyway so I plan to stain it a darker shade in the spring.


The back window looks out at the garage. While it is not an asthetically pleasing view, it is a hotbed of bird activity, they land and hop all over the roof enroute to the surrounding trees. The cats love it and often spend afternoons on the ledge.

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