Royal Botanical Gardens

It seems like we always take the attractions in our own backyard for granted. This is certainly the case for us with the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton. I have lived only a few kilometres from it for nearly a decade but aside from a weddings, I have never bothered to explore it any further. I had just assumed it was just a bunch of boring manicured flowers and fountains. What I didn’t realize is that there were acres of beautiful nature trails and in an hour and a half this morning, we only covered a tiny bit of the area.


It is a fantastic place to walk and watch birds. The chickadees are so tame they will eat right out of your hand.


Just do you don’t forget that you are still near the urban wasteland of Hamilton.


By lunchtime it had become too hot to be walking out in the sun so we called it a day, but we definitely plan to return on another day.

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